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    English language training group


  • -0001Bachelor of Science

    English literature

    University of Lorestan

  • -0001Master of Science

    English language translation

    Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


  • 2015Present

    The internal and executive director of the Iranian magazine Masael Zaban

  • 2017Present

    Interviewer and expert of the selected committee of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities


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Self-efficacy and Prediction of Note-taking Inclination among Undergraduate Translation Students

Moslem Fatollahi
ثبت نشده , ثبت نشده , Year : 2015 , Pages: 2366-2372, ISSN: Journal Paper


Applying Sight Translation as a Means to Enhance Reading Ability of Iranian EFL Students

Moslem Fatollahi
ثبت نشده , ثبت نشده , Year : 2016 , Pages: 153-159, ISSN: Journal Paper


Subtitling Lexicalized Metaphors: A Case of the Political Interviews

Mahbube Noura,Moslem Fatollahi
1st International Conference on English Language Studies , Year : 2019 Conferance Paper


Subtitling is a popular modality of audiovisual translation. Yet, subtitles are constrained in time and space. This fact has influenced the strategies used for subtitling different language elements. There is a prosperous literature on subtitling strategies. Many studies have explored the techniques used for subtitling metaphors. However, few researchers have focused on lexicalized metaphors. Lexicalized metaphors are those that have come into common use and most speakers of a language are familiar with them. To fill this gap, the present study aimed to explore the strategies used by Iranian subtitlers in rendering lexicalized metaphors of political interviews into Persian. To this end, a total number of 15 English political interviews with Persian subtitles and 15 Persian political interviews with English subtitles were studied. The source language dialogues were searched for lexicalized metaphors and the found items were compared with the subtitles. Finally, the strategies used for subtitling lexicalized metaphors were classified based on the Pedersen’s list of strategies (2015). The findings revealed that a variety of strategies such as specification, retention, substitution, and paraphrase were used in subtitling lexicalized metaphors. Subtitlers’ use of strategy was influenced by the dominant discourses of the interview parties. Results were discussed and suggestions were made for the future studies.

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