Academic Positions

  • Assistant professor2013

    Department of Agriculture

  • Assistant professor2017

    Department of Agricultural Extension and Training


  • -0001Bachelor of Science

    Agricultural Engineering

    Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

  • -0001Master of Science

    Agricultural Engineering

    Razi University

  • 2017Ph.D

    Promotion and training of agriculture

    Abu Ali Sina University


  • 2010Present

    Deputy Director of the Department of Agricultural Extension and Education


  • Rural Development
  • Sociology of Development
  • Sociological analysis of rural entrepreneurship, Critical discourse analysis, Situational analysis
  • my main research interests and endeavours are in the fields of rural development, crirical discourse analysis, rural embodiment, rural entrepreneuship, and using the social constructionism as an umbrella paradigm through my studies. .
  • recently i have focused on the situational analysis as a new research methodology and through my research plans in and out of university
  • also i have thought some courses of art sociology, and fundamentals of philosophy for BA students in dramaturgical art. my courses for PhD students include the phenomenology in ecology and the methodology in engeering and science.
  • in my spare time, i enjoy writing movie critics, translating short stories, and preparing some notes regarding political and social events,

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From Arturo Escobar\'s development theory to Antony Giddens\'s structuration theory: a social constructionist analysis of rural entrepreneurship and multifunctional agriculture

hassan shahraki
Germany , International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology , Year : 2016 , Pages: 0-0, ISSN:1462-4605 Journal Paper


Many research papers in the field of entrepreneurship have gained from a positivistic analytical approach, both in epistemology and methodology. Also there are very limited enquires concerning entrepreneurship in rural areas, or rural entrepreneurship in a new way. Through this paper, using social constructionism as a big paradigm, Antony Giddens\'s Structuration Theory and Arturo Escobar\'s Three Component Theory in development deployment, we try to present an explanation of rural entrepreneurship and multifunctional agriculture, as two main discourses in rural regions. The main claim is that it is necessary to shift from positivistic and hegemonic discourse of rural entrepreneurship to socially constructed discourse of agriculture\'s multifunctionality, through an analytical reversion of Escobar\'s theory, and using Structuration Theory as a theoretical context.

Reconceptualizing Rural Entrepreneurship Discourse from a Social Constructionist Perspective: A Case Study from Iran

hassan shahraki
English , Middle East Critique , Year : 2017 , Pages: 0-0, ISSN:1943-6149 Journal Paper


In this paper, we use a case study from Iran to present a sociological analysis of rural entrepreneurship discourse. Drawing on social constructionism as the main theoretical paradigm, as well as Anthony Giddens’ Structuration Theory (ST), we argue that Iran’s National Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives (NFEC), a governmental national development plan, has hegemonic features at both the structural and project levels. Our main argument is that there is an urgent need to shift from the rural entrepreneurship discourse to a multifunctional agricultural one as an alternative rural development strategy.

  • Second Semester

    Rural Sociology

  • First Semester

    Foundations of Philosophy

  • First Semester

    Sociology of Art

  • First Semester

    rural sociology

  • First Semester

    sociology of art

  • First Semester

    rural entrepreneurship

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